От дизайна до серийного выпуска изделий

Опыт • профессионализм • ответственность

Repair, modernization of press molds, stamps

We offer you services for repair and modernization of your technological equipment.

The process of repair of technological equipment is organized as follows:

  1. Snap-in diagnostics.
    Includes testing of the tooling, obtaining sample samples. Defect samples, make a map of measurements. Complete disassembly of the tooling, identification of hidden defects, preparation of the report.
    If necessary, individual parts pass all control from measuring dimensions to checking material grade and hardness.  Based on the results of diagnostics the customer is provided with a report.
  2. Preparation of technical specifications for repair or modernization, preparation of design documentation. Development of 3D models.
  3. Carrying out repairs, carrying out tests of tooling, receiving samples.